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Illustrated by: Laith


"The All-New Union"

After the greatest night of his life, 3 TDs and MVP for the HS State Champion Horace Mann School, GALVANIC could never have imagined he’d awake to a house in flames, the burned bodies of his brother, his best friend and the girl he loved, and the skin melting off his body exposing hard gray steel underneath. He attempted to pick up his loved ones but only beautiful Diane did not disintegrate in his arms. He was holding her in the doorway when he heard his mother scream “Monster” and the sound of guns as police officers opened fire. He placed Diane at his feet and ran into the woods, bullets glancing off his back, and hid for days until his skin grew back. His old life gone, he found a new one in a strange flyer, one that asked, “Have you seen impossible things? Do you have secret, fantastic abilities? Are you willing to become part of an All-New Union?!”

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