Illustrated by: Jim Stafford

The Flare

"The Fancymen"

In September of 1859, amateur astronomer, Richard Carrington, witnessed a powerful geomagnetic storm so powerful that it reached the earth's magnetic field. Somehow, this phenomenon activated something latent in Carrington's genes. He blacked out, waking to find himself staring directly at the sun... only a few feet from it's turbulent plasma surface. he was not blinded, nor burned, nor harmed by the icy void of space - he was charging! After spending decades in space studying comic phenomena he returned to Earth and, much to his surprise, discovered that others had also developed superhuman powers. He met the Dodger and together they formed The Union; the earth's first metahuman team dedicated to serving humanity and preserving life around the world. Following the destruction of New York and The Union at the hands of Prime, metahumans all but disappeared. The Flare spent the next year mourning the loss of his friends and teammates. Seeking redeption, the Flare formed a new team made up of the few metahumans that remained; the Fancymen! The Flare and his Fancymen now work to track down the last traces of REDUX and once again make the world a safe place for metas to live.