"The All-New Union"

growing up in the aftermath of New York wasn't easy for the biggest superfan the original Union could have ever had. He remembered the breadlines and cramped classrooms and foreclosed homes after the country and economy collapsed, he remembered who his father had been, strong and full of life, and he remembered his mother, carefree and loving, before she went away. He remembered a better world. Feather discovered his powers, control of his personal gravity, while running away from a couple bullies outside his school. It was in that moment that he realized it was all a lie, metahumans didn't disappear with the bomb, they still existed and he was one of them! He vowed to find those superheroes in hiding, but first he'd find a group of children his age, reform an All-New UNION and make the world a better place for humans and metahumans alike!

Illustrated by: Laith