"The All-New Union"

Was it merely a coincidence that her powers manifested the moment her brother fell into a coma in the aftermath of a horrific car accident? Her parents, the former Union superheroes, now de-powered grieving parents, MADAM UNION and the SAVAGE SWIFT, didn’t waste any time to figure it out. Fearful their infant daughter would be discovered by the public, or worse the U.S. government, in the aftermath of the incident in New York, Dreamscape, and her powers to make any dream a reality, were locked away behind closed doors. And it was there she stayed locked away from the world for over ten years, safe but lonely, until the All-New Union’s Feather and Atomic-X set her free. She has the ability to make any dream a reality and now she’s free to make her own come true!

Illustrated by: Laith